Actvities conducted


FY 2016 - 17

Our Mission in life is to have a permanent infrastructure. To combine the causes – Old age care with shelter and education to Orphan children. To expand our services for more and more elderly. To look after the elderly people with utmost care and empathy in a pleasant atmosphere to lead a peaceful life till their last journey........


FY 2017 - 18

Our Mission in life is to provide a safe and a well-knit home for orphans and abandoned children. We stay connected and linked with these children for close moments with them. Theyare often forced to forego basic necessities in view of financial constraints from their family.


FY 2018 - 19

The Trust conducts blood donation camps in association with Indian Red Cross Blood Bank - Bangalore, wherein a number of people voluntarily come forward to donate blood. Medical camps especially for people in rural areas are organized by the Trust. Specialists from recognized hospitals ..........


FY 2019 - 20

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic across the world and lockdown implemented all over the country, we at Salve Regina Charitable Trust continue to help those in need.