Activities of the Charitable Trust for the Financial Year : 2018-19

Main Aims and Objectives of the Trust

The Trust conducts blood donation camps in association with Indian Red Cross Blood Bank – Bangalore, wherein a number of people voluntarily come forward to donate blood. Medical camps especially for people in rural areas are organized by the Trust. Specialists from recognized hospitals carry out various diagnostic tests free of cost. Medicines are also distributed free. The Trust sponsors medical expenses for critical illness and surgeries for a number of underprivileged persons. It has spread its donation of medicines to aged and poor patients suffering from cancer, leprosy, defects of the heart/ kidney, mental illness and other major disorders. Distribution of Food and Books to poor students

The following activities were carried out during the period 2018 to 2019.

  • Children Awareness Programme.
  • Free Medicines to Poor.
  • Medical Camps.
  • Non Formal Education Programme.

Rural Development Programme

  • Scholarship to Students.
  • Senior Citizens and Disable Welfare.

Treatment and Support Activities include:

  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Opportunistic Infections.
  • Children’s Care and Support.
  • RCH (Pre and post-natal nutritional support to mothers and children)
  • ANC (Antenatal checkup) investigation

Seminar on Child Education

One Day Seminar on child Education was organized by the Trust. Child labor and children’s right to education are also closely linked. Parents may involve their children in labor rather than school because the school is inaccessible, or is of poor quality and therefore not seen as being worth the investment of their children’s time Indeed, there is broad consensus that the single most effective way to stem the flow of school age children into work is to extend and improve access to school, so that families have the opportunity to invest in their children’s education and it is
worthwhile for them to do so


We executed different rural development programmes with the help of the local people. We got them involved in repairing of village roads repaired. They actively participated in repairing and self-confidence and assert her rightful status in a male dominated society. In India, woman has usually occupied a lower