Activities of the Charitable Trust for the Financial Year : 2017-18

Main Aims and Objectives of the Trust

Our Mission in life is to provide a safe and a well-knit home for orphans and abandoned children. We stay connected and linked with these children for close moments with them. They are often forced to forego basic necessities in view of financial constraints from their family.

Specific Activities


Ensure free primary education and uniform distribution; Mid Day Meal for illiterates and dropouts; Free Tuition and coaching – English, computer, stationery, mobile School , life skills and personality classes, Vocational school, Conferences, seminars, workshops, Career
counseling and guidance and Scholarship programs.

Eye Cataract

Free Eye Cataract Surgery’ for people who are not able to get their eye operated on due to financial reasons. Hundreds of people along with renowned personalities attend the event. During the event, food, snacks and juices are offered to the patients.

Blood Donation

Every year, we organize ‘Blood Donation Camp’. The ‘Blood Donation Camp’ is organized in collaboration with the Rotary and Red Cross Blood Banks. It is a full day camp where we distribute educational kit for orphans and clothes for under privileged and differently-abled
women. Food and juices are served to all the participants in the camp, while taking special care for the blood donors. ‘Blood Donation Camp’ is organized every year to inculcate harmony and instill awareness that we are saving lives by donating our blood.

Food Fest

‘Food Fests’ are organized on a regular basis through various events. Food Fest is organized Along with the Food Fest, we organize entertainment and educational programs. In all our endeavors Even you can be a part of this joyous group. A small contribution from you won’t affect you, but a kind gesture from you will surely bring smile to many faces. Join us to make these children smile and help them live a better life a dignified life.

Medical Charity

Blindness – especially Cataract problem, Cancer Care and Counseling, Voluntary Blood Donation (Malaria, Diabetes, Heart Care – free heart surgery, Mental and physical disabilities)